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About James Knight​

James has been involved in music from the age of 5 when he began piano lessons. He subsequently gave up the piano to play on his bike but handily he'd already started to play the clarinet and saxophone by then...​

With a father obsessed with music and good sound (owner of an excellent sound system) the seeds were sown early. Hours spend playing around with 4 track recorders and cheap microphones from Tandy went alongside the hours of playing the saxophone and knowing that music was the only thing he wanted to do. Handy, as he wasn't that good at much else...

Lots of specialist music education type stuff followed (Chethams, Berklee, RAM) and then the real world with a rather varied career's a few choice moments...


Currently (2016) producing the new album from punk legends The Ruts along with the second solo album from Phil Odgers (Men They Couldn't Hang).


Produced "The Kooks" first sessions and subsequently they went on to international success. Still in touch with the band and arranged horns for Hugh's solo album.


Engineer/Performer for Leona Lewis Christmas Album due 2013


Engineer/Performer for "The Satudays" Christmas single 2014


Engineer for Si Cranstoun top 30 album "Modern Life"


Engineer for Ellie Goulding "Twilight" sessions at Knight Time Studios


MD for Louis Mattrs


MD for Olivia Sebastianelli

MD for “Katy B” from first shows to UK tour. Programming/arranging and training up Katy’s band.

MD for Bo Saris for UK showcases resulting in Bo signing with Decca

Engineer/Performer for 2011 "X Factor" horn tracks both USA and UK


Music Writer/Producer for ITV 1's "Sunday Scoop" and "Sunday Side Up" Theme



Performed/Recorded with the following artists:


Cee Lo Green,


Gary Barlow,

James Morrison,

Alison Moyet,

Beverly Knight,

Caro Emerald,

Olly Murs,


Ruts DC,

Marcus Collins

Micheal Buble

Charlotte Church (including all TV series’)

Daniel Powter

Paul Anke

Robbie Williams

lots more but you get the idea!

Advert credits include Burger King "You're The Boss" Campain recorded/written and mixed at Knight Time Studios  "Peachy Loans" Ad, Dontral's latest campaign

Film work includes “Love Actually” ,“The Life and Death of Peter Sellers”, “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” as well as many short films.

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